Become Remarkable. Act Purple

Seth Godin, the marketing guru and generator of great ideas, says that if you are driving past a field and see a bunch of cows, you aren’t going to stop. No big deal, right? A bunch of cows. You’ve seen thousands of cows before. They are all the same.


Now, if you are driving past a field and suddenly see a purple cow you would slow down, wouldn’t you? You would probably even get out of your car and stare at the cow for a good couple of minutes. Why?

Because it is remarkable. The purple cow is remarkable.

Seth Godin tells this story challenging and inspiring entrepreneurs to create products that are remarkable.

But I wonder if this can be applied to our lives in a broader sense?

You can become remarkable by making the decision to be remarkable and starting to make choices that are authentic and original to you.

You can become remarkable doing what you want; and if you can’t do what you want right now, you can always start working towards it.

You can become remarkable by understanding that every day doesn’t have to be a tiring routine of habits, but a joyful creation.




Because he chose to be remarkable. A good friend of mine works at a bank in the City, the financial district of London, and on a Friday he chose to wear a purple suit. Most of his colleagues glared at him disapprovingly.  They were convinced that a banker shouldn’t dress that way. My friend told me that even people on the underground turned around to look at him. Why?

Being average is easy.  Being remarkable often requires guts.

A successful life is a remarkable life.


You become remarkable by shutting down your fears, accepting that you may fail and getting that purple suit out of your wardrobe: doing something that is unconventional, unaccepted, different. No one is born remarkable.


Act purple. Become remarkable.