Building This Blog

Soon after I had the idea of setting up this blog, I visited my aunt in the US. On the second day of my stay her husband set out to build a sandbox for their two beautiful sons.

Before we could all build a sandcastle and dig rivers and roads around it, a lot had to be done: the boards had to be painted, the sand had to be bought and transported from the store and the linoleum needed fitting.

It took a while to finish, but how joyous it then was to see the children jump in and start building and playing.

I have a great passion for building things: writing a book, putting on a show or launching a business are all about building something that hasn’t existed before.

And I am a great believer in building playfully.



Building will take a while and I have some ambitious goals set for it. In a years time I’d like my Sandbox to have:

150 inspiring and valuable posts written in English, with every single one of them translated into Chinese and Lithuanian;

◦  1500 loyal and passionate readers across all 3 languages;

 ◦ Involvement from at least 3 people whom I have coached and helped to live a more creative life;

◦ A contract for publishing or a plan for self-publishing a book which further explores ideas written about in Let’s Sandbox;

◦ At least 2 trips taken abroad to spread the Let’s Sandbox ideas;

◦ A video segment, called Sandbox Video, where I will invite creative and fascinating people to play in a sandbox together and chat about inspiring things;

A fortnightly newsletter that will feature the best content and a few extra posts;



I will continue running my small business in London – English Language Club – where I help people learn the language in new and innovative ways. I will also continue writing a novel and a series of short stories, and developing a few other projects alongside this new creative endeavour.


I hope this blog will inspire you to build your own sandbox!