2014 Planning Workbook: Set Goals, Take Action, Achieve and Have Fun

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Towards the end of the year, we inevitably begin asking ourselves questions. ‘What have I done this year?’, ‘Am I satisfied with my achievements?’, ‘Where am I at in my life?’, ‘What’s next?’.

These are all very good questions but, if unorganised, they will only clutter our brains, causing us distress or frustration. Questions, however, can be a powerful stimulus – we only have to transform them into energy. What do I mean? Just like burning coal powers a steam engine, cleverly utilised questions can propel us into action and change.

How do we do it?

To help you here, the Let’s Sandbox team and I have created the 2014 Planning Workbook: Set Goals, Take Action, Achieve and Have Fun. It’s a 16 page long PDF workbook, filled with questions and small tasks to help you gain more clarity in life and plan your best year possible. 

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and begin planning your new year now – Good Luck!



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