The Insider’s Glossary: Authentic You – a New Project on Let’s Sandbox!

Dear Sandboxer,

I envisage Let’s Sandbox as a community, a circle of people who are just like you and me –authentically creating or seeking to create their lives, following their calling and daring to choose exhilarating adventure over bleak monotony. I intend Let’s Sandbox to serve as a source of comfort, inspiration and contact with the like-minded.

I began to notice that I have formulated a certain vocabulary characteristic to Let’s Sandbox and, hopefully, familiar to the reader. I thought it useful to collect all sandboxy terms and expressions in one place, creating a sort of Insider’s Glossary. Every definition will be linked to a series of posts on Let’s Sandbox and will serve as a thematic index.

Today I would like to share with you the first term: Authentic You.

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