The Let’s Sandbox Online Kiosk Project: Get Equipped for Your Authentic Adventure!

journey creativeAbout 5 months ago I called Monika – the most amazing architect who helps out with this site’s design – and told her that I wanted to do an online store.

‘Actually, it will be a kiosk!’ I added, pacing excitedly up and down in High Street Kensington’s Starbucks.

‘But what would you sell?’

‘I’ve been coming across a lot of super cool young people across Europe, who are hand-making beautiful accessories and stationery. I think it would go well with the Let’s Sandbox philosophy: promoting creativity, independence and entrepreneurship.’

‘I’m in. How can I help?’ Monika didn’t need much convincing.

So, today, we’re opening our KIOSK’s window: find more about it and what’s in store!

I’d like to share a few more reasons why I’ve built an online kiosk:

  • HIGH STANDARDS FOR A PENCIL. Whenever I need to buy a new notebook, an iPad case, a pen – anything that I will be using in my creative process – I spend hours, sometimes days, looking for the perfect item. I have high standards: it mustn’t interfere with my creative waves, it must look pretty (yet not overly so) and it must please. It should certainly not have a high-street look or be too glamourous. Well, I’ve decided that, instead of complaining about not finding what I like, it’s about time I started curating a store where I handpick products, which are not only functional but also inspiring.


  • SUPPORTING YOUNG TALENT. I want to find young makers and designers, who are just starting out, connect with them and share their work, helping them to earn a penny or two.


  • DEVELOPING LET’S SANDBOX: I also wanted to find a way to have an extra income stream to organically and mindfully support the growth of (at the end of the day, this project takes me 30-40 hours and costs a fair bit!). I thought that a Kiosk would be a platform to do just this, and what a great fun it could be as well!

What’s in stock?

sandbox kiosk, ipad cases

I am opening the Kiosk with absolutely stunning work from young makers-designers, Milda (19) and Karolis (20). They create the most exquisite, genuine leather-wool-felt cases for Apple products (iPads, MacBooks and iPhones). As soon as I came across their work, I decided I had to set up an online store to feature them.

These guys ethically source their materials and hire a woman in a small Lithuanian village to hand-stich their products. You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s a sensual experience touching their iPhone cases!

Soon I will find some stationery to complement these ravishing cases.

Curious? Pop by our Kiosk now.