Let’s Sandbox Turns 1 Today!

photoToday is Let’s Sandbox’s first birthday and I am writing this from a lovely bamboo cafe overlooking Balinese rice fields, sipping green tea and listening to local musicians playing traditional Indonesian instruments and the guitar.

It’s been a tremendous year – with its ups and downs, of course – but I have felt that every day I have been advancing towards the truth of my being… This has enabled me to write posts for Let’s Sandbox and I really feel as if I were now celebrating my child’s birthday: I’ve done a lot of different projects before but none of them have been as dear to me as Let’s Sandbox.

This platform is my soul and inner child’s sanctuary – and I hope that it is becoming such for the reader too.

To celebrate Let’s Sandbox’s birthday, on Monday I will publish a post about questions I have been asking myself to tune my Inner Compass. This has been my primary tool of navigation in my creative adventure. To disclose a few questions:

Am I doing this for money, prestige or achievement? Are my thoughts true? What would the authentic me do? How can I celebrate and dance through life?

koliazasSo Happy Birthday!

Wholehearted thanks to everyone, who has been reading and supporting Let’s Sandbox!

Wholehearted thanks to Monika and Anna for their tremendous help with this endeavour!

Creativity & Love,