4 Mindful Living and Conscious Living Questions

mindful, conscious living, girl, teaI have suffered a great deal in my life – as most of us have – but with starting Let’s Sandbox, travelling to the Philippines and meeting Mr. S, I  had a major shift in my consciousness: I realised I no longer had to be defined by my past stories of suffering and trauma. Yes, they are all still there but NOT HERE.

Despite this shift in my consciousness and empowering understanding that I am the only one who is in charge of my thoughts and emotions, I have also learnt that it is extremely hard to maintain this status. Every day I still slip up and fall into the stories of the past, my fears and insecurities, missing a present moment.

I came up with a few questions to bring me back to mindful living or, as some might call it, conscious living. I hope you can use these questions to help you create the life you want.

What is my intention today/ what is my intention in this situation?

Behind our every thought and action lies an intention – whether we are conscious of it or not. If, however, you choose your intention consciously, you become in charge of your reality. You will go through life more mindfully knowing why you are saying, doing and choosing what you are. You will cause less harm to yourself and others and achieve what you want much more quickly.

Am I present right now?

How often our mind carries us to the future or back to the past, drawing countless scenarios of what might or might not happen and interpreting what has happened. Asking yourself ‘am I present right now?’ brings you back to the only moment you have – the happiest moment – that of NOW.

Am I fulfilling my potential here?

Does the life you are living now, the way you are spending your day, the encounters that you are having and the choices that you are making lead you to the full realisation of your potential? Or, in Paulo Coelho’s words, are you getting closer to fulfilling your personal legend, or further away from it? If the way we spend our days does not lead us to achieving and living our personal legend, we will eventually run dry and get depressed and angry with life.

Am I acting from my truth or my ego?

Our ego always feels inferior and tries to expand itself and many choices in our life come from a place of wanting to be better than others, richer than others, cooler than others or just different from others. And, if our ego can’t expand itself through achievement, it will gladly do so through suffering, saying ‘my pain is greater than yours’ or ‘nobody has any idea how much I am suffering’. If we interact with people from our ego, we are potentially toxic and harmful both to ourselves and others. However, if we choose to come into contact with every person and every experience from the truth of our being, we act authentically and every moment of our life propels our growth.

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