Reasons Why I Turned My Bathroom into a Creative Playground/Sanctuary

This is a reminder to practise what I preach.

I have always loved big bathrooms where there is space to sit on the floor and think, where you can play music and relax (or even dance), where you are absolutely and utterly alone (but not lonely).

The bathroom is one of the most private places in our lives and for me it is often an oasis to escape to and gather myself.

I have long dreamt of a bathroom, in which I could take long showers, then sit down and write, paint, read and create – a sort of bathroom office. I know it’s weird, but now that I have one, it honestly is a dream come true.

Let me explain why.

The Coolest Place

Meditation-painting experience.

If you live in the tropics, the bathroom is often the coolest place – temperature wise – in the house (and in my case, it definitely is).

3No One Enters

A bathroom is such a private space and I find it to be the most secluded place to escape to, away from calls, people, commitments and, in general, the world.

Long Showers

When working or brushing my teeth, I see dear London friends in the mirror.


I take numerous showers a day. To me, taking a shower is synonymous with creative contemplation or even meditation. I often meditate after having taken my shower.

Diana Nyad quotes have been of great inspiration to me this year.

Writer’s Hut

Well, it’s certainly my version of a writer’s hut and, as Virginia Woolf once famously said: a woman (in this case – a creative) needs a little bit of money and a room of one’s own to write. Living in London, where very few have room-sized bathrooms, I longed for such space and now, in Bali, take a great delight in having it.

Blank Space

Usually bathrooms are quite a neutral space and less emotionally charged than, say, a living room or a bedroom. A bathroom is more or less like a blank space which is perfect for creativity.

Where is your sacred and creative space?

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