9 Bite-Size Questions to a Fellow Adventurer & Sandboxer: Evelyn ditched her Glamorous LA Job to go on a Spiritual and Creative Quest Across Asia

adventurer, sandboxer, I have already written about Evelyn and to Evelyn. She is a true fellow adventurer: having left her glamorous job in advertising in LA, she embarked on a soul quest across Asia. The reader probably remembers my open letter to her: A Letter to My Fellow Traveller: On Love, Bliss, Vulnerability and Downfalls.

evelyn, drawing, I am…

a writer/a painter/an artist/a creator/a dreamer/a lover/a seeker… full of life… one large contradiction.

And my current project/most recent project is/was:

  • To find my innermost nature and to be happy there;
  • To live and thrive at my most raw state of spontaneity (Osho);
  • To spread joy in the process, through my passions.

My greatest passion is… to create. Whether that is through writing, painting or designing. Sharing what I carry within me through these creations and hopefully spreading joy and inspiration as I do.

My morning ritual is…

changes far too often, but ideally:

  • Breathing exercises;
  • Meditation;
  • Off to yoga to learn more.

 Photo 3I find solace in…

  • Nature;
  • Sitting before the ocean, listening to the waves break and wash over the shore;
  • Allowing the views of the Himalayas to take my breath away;
  • The surreal vibrance of the jungle and palm trees;
  • The sunrise, the sunset;
  • A night sky full of stars;
  • Being humbled by all the beauty Mother Earth has to offer.

I am most creative/inspired when… 

  • I am happy, ecstatic… floating on cloud 9…;
  • When I am in chaos, uncertainty. When I am heartbroken, suffering;
  • It can appear along with any and every emotion on the spectrum.

Life is… a cycle, a puzzle, a journey.

I believe in… love.

adventurer, creative living, The best thing that has ever happened to me is… this moment.

And the next best is a tie between all the ones prior to it which have led me here.

Three books/films to read/see:

  1. The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald)
  2. Franny and Zooey (Salinger)

(Books which make you realise that the things we strive for in life, the things we try to be, are really all just meaningless bullshit.)

“So we beat on, like boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly to the past.”

Currently reading and loving:

  1. Yoga: The Supreme Science (Osho)

Every morning I wake up because…

I don’t know what it holds, and I am alive to find out.

creative life
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Sandboxers and Adventurers, who will be featured in this section, have not given in to (or have managed to break out of) the mass delusion which encourages us to:
  • equate being more with having and achieving more;
  • choose loyalty over love and compliance over creativity;
  • not to risk, to play safe, to work 8-5, to take out as many loans as we can, to live in fear and to try to secure a good and certain future (which is impossible – as death awaits us all).