9 Bite-Size Questions to a Fellow Adventurer & Sandboxer: Henry – an Acrobat, Freelance Energy Consultant, Berliner & Dancer

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Henry – an acrobat, energy consultant, traveller, father, dancer, yogi and a conscious human being.


I am on a real journey – writing, teaching, learning, healing – and, as I travel, I continue to meet the most radiant human beings.


Usually, they are courageous, adventurous and creative people, who have wholeheartedly refused to live their lives conventionally.


I decided to feature some of these fellow sandboxers here, on this platform, starting with Henry, a gorgeous and big-heartred man, whom I met during one of my ecstatic dancing sessions in Ubud.

acrobat, dancer,
‘Balance is… rare and a temporarily state of being. We are all longing and searching for it but its permanence is just an illusion…’

INTRO:  I am currently visiting this planet earth as the incarnation of Henry Heilemann from Berlin and my current endeavour is to spread unconditional love, peace and trust around us creating a space of unity and cooperation instead of separation and competition.

When I dance… I get into a meditative state of mind.

My greatest passion… is body work and any kind of movement with a high coordinative complexity. I love to touch and be touched by a loving and non-sexual neutral energy.

My morning ritual is…  different every day… But I love to do some slow and conscious movements, such as oiling my body and drinking hot water and tea, and to start work early.

I find solace in… accepting things as they happen and trusting that life will change, listening to music and cuddling.

Balance is… rare and a temporarily state of being. We are all longing and searching for it but its permanence is just an illusion because yin and yang are constantly coming and going. TOCIC – the only constant is change.

father, daughter, acrobat, dancerMy body is… my castle. I love it. I love taking care of it. I’m grateful for the sensing and energy of my hands and body, getting in touch with other beings and souls.

My soul… originated somewhere in Brazil … The music … the language … some black roots … I feel a deep connection even though I don’t live there.

My advice for those who are trapped in ‘the box’ – ‘system’ – ‘life they don’t want’: Less is more, follow the intuition of your body, trust that life will show you the path, learn to unlearn, silence your mind by getting to know your body more.

Three books/films to read/see:

Book (not film): The Path of the Peaceful Warrior

Film (not book): The Prophecies of Celestine

Book: Non-Violent Communication by Marshal B. Rosenberg.

 creative life
Sandboxers and Adventurers, who will be featured in this section, have not given in to (or have managed to break out of) the mass delusion which encourages us to:
  • equate being more with having and achieving more;
  • choose loyalty over love and compliance over creativity;
  • not to risk, to play safe, to work 8-5, to take out as many loans as we can, to live in fear and to try to secure a good and certain future (which is impossible – as death awaits us all).