What Will I Do With My 17,897 Days Left on This Earth?

reasons to live, reasons to die

This is a follow up to my post 5 Reasons Why You Should Work Out When You Might Die. I came up with a very quick 10-point list about how I want to spend my remaining fewer than 20,000 days on this earth.

Here it goes:


1. Love, love, love like the craziest and most loving man on this planet!

2. Write books, blogs, plays Рyou name it Рcelebrating life.

3. Travel the world playing and dancing (mostly through telling stories – be it writing, acting, directing, speaking, the list has no end).

4. Meet the most bad ass, radical and inspirational mavericks.

5. Encourage and inspire others to reach their full potential and celebrate their existence.

6. Grow spiritually and continue learning.

7. Try as many new things as I can.

8. Do ONLY what I love and what makes me grow.

9. Laugh and be myself – and only myself.

10. Make sure I stay fit – both physically and spiritually – and continue living according to my values. And without any regrets.

P.S. 11. When life gets tough, I’ll remind myself how many days I’ve got left…