5 Tips How to Live a Creative Life – Part 2

tips creative lfieIN A FEW WORDS: Plenty of advice and links to exercises and workbooks that will help you to add more creativity to your life.

Earlier this week we revisited some ideas about what makes a creative life. Today we continue exploring how to live a creative life. Here are 5 tips with links to useful Let’s Sandbox content.


Start a diary, morning pages, draw up a creative timeline, read books or meditate – do what it takes to really hear your own voice. It may appear difficult at first: as you might hear what you don’t want to hear. But honesty with oneself is the first step toward a truly creative life. 


You are already a creator, whether you acknowledge it or not. You are constantly living in the process of creation. Some choose to view it in a more spiritual or religious light while some remain more practical. It doesn’t really matter which camp you are in. You are constantly creating: a relationship, a routine, a dream, a project. Occasionally you take creation to its highest expression and conceive a child.

Why not embrace it then and start creating more consciously and authentically? Most of us limit our creativity by simply choosing to connect the dots: ‘Okay, I’ve got to get a good education, then a job, a partner, a mortgage and retire somewhere in the Caribbean’.  But what are your dots? Define them yourself. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to sweat – creative life requires work. It’s not just a wishy-washy concept. The Creative Life Manifesto might help you here.


Examine and understand how you live, what you do and why. You have to understand where you are in order to define where you want to be. Here, the 2015 Planning Workbook and the Weekly Planning Workbook might be of help.


Before you consider making big changes that might bring more creativity and authenticity into your life, consider making some smaller ones. Train yourself to think more creatively, out of the box, and begin peeling away cultural, societal and religious conditioning. How? A good start is the 100 Day Challenge Ideas Project.


Choosing to lead a creative life will take you out of the convenient framework of conventions and habits and will naturally awaken a lot of fears. Be ready to face them and turn them into energy. You can read more about my attempts to do this in my recent post Choose Love Over Fear – Tips + Prayer.