Choose Love Over Fear – Tips + Prayer

IN A FEW WORDS: After living in deep fear for a month, I am resolving to change it. And this is how.

Choose Love Over Fear - Tips + PrayerOften, authors of motivational, spiritual and self-improvement blogs, appear to be happy and self-actualised people. Here, on Let’s Sandbox, I share my lessons just as they come: sometimes in pretty, tropical paradise packaging and sometimes in dirt and pain.

My goal is to stay open and vulnerable, rather than projecting an image of myself, and to acknowledge that I am first a student and only then a teacher.

Since the beginning of the year, I have found myself caught up in fear…



And, on some level, I know that I chose it. Fear is the absence of love. However unfortunate our situation is, we have a choice. Fear or love.

I chose to see through the lens of fear: my relationships, my work, my surroundings.  Fear spread itself across every aspect of my life and I could hear its silent whisper: I might lose it. I don’t have enough. I might get hurt. I am not enough.

Fear is like a powerful drug: it destroys our perception of reality and gulls us into believing that we are much smaller and weaker than we truly are.



mountainsI began listening to Marianne Williamson’s audiobook The Return to Love and I realised how important it was to acknowledge that fear has been my choice. It is important, however, to acknowledge it without blaming oneself, and even to forgive oneself.  Then begin taking small steps toward choosing love.

Also, no creativity – natural, flowing creativity – is possible in fear. We have to constantly deal with our fears in order to allow creativity through.

This is how I am going to recover from fear and choose love instead this week: 

The Hour/Day of Love 

Ideally I’ll do it as an hour-long session but, if the day’s schedule makes this impossible, then as 10-30 minute chunks throughout the day.
God, The Universe, Light, My Higher Self and Guides,

I am weary of living in Fear.

Hence today I wake to serve and radiate Love.

I ask for your divine guidance to help me transform my fear and mistrust, pain from my childhood and disappointments from my adult life, into Love.

Guide me in my every step as I humbly ask you:


  • Meditation (guided meditation by Jon-Kabat Zinn)

    • Listening/reading to Marianne Williamson’s The Return to Love and The Course in Miracles.

    • Rereading my own posts, which radiate love and life, and clearly recall that state.


    • Going on at least 2 walks by myself.