Meet the Founder of the Happy World Company – a Bite-size Interview with Nerea, Fellow Adventurer & Traveller

nerea, happy world companyIN A FEW WORDS: I continue my series of bite-size interviews with fellow adventurers. So far, I have introduced you to two kindred souls I met here in Bali: Tocic & Evelyn.

Today – Nerea, a stunning and intelligent Spanish entrepreneur and happiness expert, who worked in the City until deciding to turn her life around and make meaning. She can often be seen running around London, sharing smiles and teaching people how to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Here’s a little Q&A about what inspires Nerea to live a creative life.

INTRO: I am Nerea Carrion and my current project is The Happy World Company – in fact, I am very proud to announce that it is no longer just a project, but a company!

I also work at Smiles For The World where we create a smile chain worldwide everyday.

I am desirous of…. inspiring people.

My morning ritual… is a smile, go with the flow and carry on.

I find solace… in my work.

I am most creative/inspired when… I am around people.

I teach happiness because it seems that many people spend most of their lives looking or searching for it, when, really, we are born with it. 

I believe in myself… so I believe in people.

My life is… a beautiful struggle.

Three books/films to read/see:

The Art of Loving by Erick Fromm

Mary Poppins

The Power of the Mind by Eduardo Punset

Every morning I wake up because… I can’t sleep anymore!

 creative life
Sandboxers and Adventurers, who will be featured in this section, have not given in to (or have managed to break out of) the mass delusion which encourages us to:
  • equate being more with having and achieving more;
  • choose loyalty over love and compliance over creativity;
  • not to risk, to play safe, to work 8-5, to take out as many loans as we can, to live in fear and to try to secure a good and certain future (which is impossible – as death awaits us all).