What Resources Do You Have Today to Do What You Desire?

I talk to a lot of people (myself included – ironically), who proudly list all the reasons why they can’t do or have something they desire: get a better job, write a book, lose weight, break up with their partner, move to their dream country – you name it.

That’s just a whole lot of crap they keep tell themselves and others. Pardon my vocabulary.

I do that too – I confess.

I constantly keep telling myself why I can’t do this or that project but most of those reasons are excuses under which doubt, fear and uncertainty lurk.

It’s much easier to go around telling people why you can’t do something than to actually get about the business of doing it.

When I find myself in this I-certainly-can’t-do-that mode and start taking smalls steps towards nevertheless doing what I want, I get an immediate sense of relief.

It is not about succeeding or failing, it is about giving it a go.

It is also about asking what resources I have today to do the very thing I have long wanted to do instead of naming obstacles in my way.

So, what resources do you have today to do what you desire?

What action can you take right now?