What’s Next for Let’s Sandbox? From a Photoshoot to a Revolution of Creativity

dream house
Visiting a painter in Ubud.

IN A FEW WORDS: I share with you my plans for Let’s Sandbox. 

It’s been a while since I last updated you on where I am at with Let’s Sandbox and its growth.

So here we go.

Bali Is No Longer a Distraction

Relocating to Bali back in August took a lot of energy and focus: once again I was revising my understanding of who I was and what home meant to me. Then, exploring and enjoying Bali, which involved moving around five times until I found a great house and formed a group of friends. I also embarked on a spiritual quest. And it took a while to come up with my new routine as working under the equator sun can be somewhat challenging.

Now, six months into my Asian adventure, I think I have just about figured out all of the above. Posts over the past few months, such as the 100 Day Challenge Ideas and the 2015 Planning Workbook, were more or less just maintaining Let’s Sandbox.

So, what’s next?

steps, ubud, Bali
Steps leading up to my house.

Revolution of Creativity: Photoshoot + Workshops + Retreats + Lectures + Shows 

I am, as always, ambitious. Seeing life as play, I want to get involved in as many games as I possibly can. A lot of the time things don’t work out as I have planned and that’s okay. I often like to remember that when Columbus went off route, he discovered America – so, you never know.

And here is what’s on my mind:

At the end of the month I am doing a photoshoot here in Bali, which I will use to update the design of Let’s Sandbox. New photos will also accompany the launch of a series of workshops/lectures that I want to deliver both here in Asia and in Europe.

It’s also about time to introduce some vblogging (video blogging): it probably won’t be as constant as the usual text-based posts but will definitely contribute to the new Let’s Sandbox look.

Also, I will be organising some retreats here in Bali for Sandboxers, yoga lovers, actors, writers and basically anyone and everyone, who is into adventurous living!

I continue to believe that we are born to Create and be Creative, live our lives to the full and celebrate our innate talents. And I want Let’s Sandbox to inspire a revolution of Creativity – however long it takes, and no matter small it starts, it is something that I strongly believe in and will continue working on with all of my heart.

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