Meet Amy – a London-based actress & poet – 9 Questions to Fellow Adventurer & Traveller Interview

amyI continue featuring Fellow Adventurers, Travellers, Sandboxers and people who choose to be daring. No, they are not famous (some of them ‘not just yet’!), but they are certainly outstanding for their determination to live life on their terms.

Amy is a dear London friend, actress and poet. We went to university together. She introduced me to London. We did some crazy experimental theatre just to combat the status quo in academia. She is a kindred spirit and I have long wanted to feature her on Let’s Sandbox.

Here are her ideas on passion, life and creativity.

INTRO: I’m an actress and poet and my current project is building a small collection of poems. My most recent acting job was playing Eleanor Campbell in Holby City.

My greatest passion is… discovering the new, whether it be a new limit, a new idea, a new friendship, a new connection in an already existing relationship. I guess what I mean is growth. That feeling of expansion.

I love sharing ideas and exploring human relationships in the job that I do: storytelling is so powerful. It’s where we learn through other people and unlock parts of ourselves we didn’t always know were there.

Anything that promotes empathy and unites people is very exciting. I feel massively passionate about that.


10551031_10152701113922463_3423181602493481373_nMy morning ritual is… avocados all the way, this is a morning must. I like to read something that inspires me in the morning; it’s amazing how those initial thoughts can affect your whole day. I usually have a warm water and lemon first thing and just do whatever I feel positive about. I try and do things mindfully. Sometimes a bit of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift comes out and I have a good crazy solo boogie, haha! True story…


I find solace… in the phrase ‘feel the fear and do it anyway,’ in my friends, in Wordsworth, in transience. Knowing that everything passes can be a massive relief sometimes, just as it can be the hardest thing to accept. Knowing people have thought the same things and felt similarly to me. In yoga and meditation and the clarity that comes with empowerment, letting go – and in love.


I am most creative/inspired when… I experience something that takes me out of myself into something bigger. When I’m with my friends, who are all gorgeous and inspiring and hilarious. When I laugh or see other people laughing. This also applies to a myriad other emotions. Like when I picked someone up from the airport and realised it is EXACTLY like that initial scene in Love Actually.

Seeing people FEELING is massively inspiring. Or when I read someone’s poem or see a play and am blown away by its simplicity, or its courage, or when I listen to music. Music goes beyond all words and when I feel blocked it’s really helpful to tune back in. Nature is a big inspiration, I grew up in the country and genuinely feel in awe of the land and its wisdom. (I’m not a tree hugger though…don’t get me wrong…)


Life is… all the possible opposites fused together to make one big non-contradiction. Life is about learning unconditional love, I think…


I believe in… The power of the human heart. The ability to change. Equality.


Three books/films to read/see… Ahhh this is hard! Okay so, books – Marianne Williamson A Return To Love, Sebastian Faulks A Possible Life, Ian McEwan Enduring Love, F Scott Fitzgerald The Beautiful and Damned.

FilmsStalker, Blue Valentine, My Life Without Me, Herzog documentary movies and Boyhood.

Every morning I wake up because...I feel sick if I lie in bed for hours…haha. But seriously, I wake up because it’s a new day and there is so much to be excited about, to care about, to feel passionate about.