Turn Setbacks Into Success Week + Worksheet

071212-N-3398B-030This week is a setbacks, failures and defeats week on Let’s Sandbox. Not very inspiring, Darius – you might say. 

Well, I firmly believe that you cannot lead a creative and adventurous life without occasionally stumbling, falling flat on your face and getting a few bruises here and there.

There is simply no way to avoid it, of course, unless you choose a life of sheer timidity – but I have no interest in that.

Instead, I have always told myself:

‘I don’t care how low you fall or how long you wallow in the absence of light. What I am interested in, however, is how you get back up and, more importantly, how you use your setbacks, failures and defeats as fuel for growth and progress.’


This week I will review my Top 2 Setback Stories:

Tomorrow: Why Did I Run Away from a Glamorous Job in NYC? 

Thursday: The Day My Father Beat Me Up

I am also inviting you to do the same, using my Turn Setbacks Into Success Worksheet.

It contains 6 powerful questions to discover your authentic power in a situation that you might otherwise perceive as a setback, failure or defeat.

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Darius Lukas

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