Why Did I Begin Let’s Sandbox?


IN A FEW WORDS:  I remind myself and the reader why I began Let’s Sandbox project.

I began Let’s Sandbox (now more than a year and a half ago) after I realised that my goals that I had fought so hard for and finally achieved, were now only causing me suffering and misery. I guess that’s what some people call a quarter life crisis.

In September 2012, I graduated from a prestigious drama school in London and had directed my first professional international production. I was supposed to go for it. Make it big. But I didn’t want it anymore…

blogger, bali, traveller, darius lukasAccording to the popular guidelines of success, I was doing well. But, on the inside, I was empty, burnt-out and on the verge of depression. Remember the dementors from Harry Potter? They were the prison guards who fed on the livelihood and happiness of others, leaving them devoid of any feelings. I knew I had been visited by them. And if this was what achieving your biggest dreams felt like, then, I must have got something really wrong. 

But just before Christmas, as I was losing the hope to bring back passion and creativity to my life, I received an email inviting me travel to the Philippines and New York. An American billionaire was wanting me to write a film script. At first I thought it was just a bad Christmas joke – so I was astounded when I received my itinerary.

Both of these two trips were life-changing and mind-bending. I returned to London revitalised, charged with inspiration and wanting to create. But this time: from the truth of my being and not my ego or a place of insecurity.

I simply had to start Let’s Sandbox.

And it was in the Philippines that I realised life was about play, adventure and creativity. For an account of my travels, I invite you to read The Story.