Creative Life Talk in Thailand – the Benefits of Starting Small

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Three yogis-adventurers, who came to listen to my talk and give me some feedback.

IN A FEW WORDS:  I talk about the importance and benefits of starting small and how not expecting immediate results can help you achieve what you want.

You know the feeling when you really want to do something but you just can’t? And the reason why you can’t get around to doing it is because you fear it so much?

I’ve been thinking about giving a talk on creativity and adventure for a while now –  exactly, only ‘thinking’ and worrying about possibly doing it.

Last week I eventually got over myself and this is how.

Hopefully my words will inspire you to take action towards doing something you have long wanted to do – and it doesn’t matter if you start really, really small.

Starting Small Reduces Pressure

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The blue beauty of Thailand.Starting Small Reduces Pressure

I’m used to giving workshops but not talks. It was a new thing for me to try my hand at and, at first, I simply needed to see what it felt like to be talking for an hour and whether I liked it and was capable of doing it. But even trying felt scary!

I called my friend Nerea, who is a pro coach, and I told her about this very unusual block for me.

In the course of our conversation, I realised that, because I wanted to do a talk on a topic that was so honest and close to my heart, I was more worried than usual.

Nerea’s advice was to focus on just getting at least one person to listen.

And I realised that that was the point – to start small. Instead of dreaming about filling the whole lecture theatre (ego check!), I gave myself permission to start small.

Most of the pressure is created by our wanting to accomplish something immediately.

But what about taking a breath and then just one small step?

That’s quick, easy to do and offers least resistance!


boxing ring
This is how I was writing my talk on creativity – creatively.

During my time in Ko Phangan, I met a few yogis and fellow adventurers. They were not close friends but also not total strangers either – a good mix, especially when it comes to asking for feedback.

So, I messaged these cool people and asked if they were interested and willing to listen to my talk about creativity. They enthusiastically said ‘yes’.

And it was great: we met at a lovely cafe on the beach, sipped coconut water and I had the chance to try out my talk. The adventurers were kind but also offered constructive criticism on what I could improve.

It felt great to have made a step forward towards crafting a good talk on creative life. There is more work to do but I’m now on track!

However, more importantly:  what have you been waiting to start on that you keep putting off? What is it that you really want to do but have lots of fear about? What could be your first baby step towards getting where you want to be?

Share it with me!