I Realised that I Need a Mentor and You Might Need One Too

bloggerIN A FEW WORDS: I investigate my wanting to have a mentor and invite you to examine where you are at in terms of your career and personal development.

As my plane from Bali to Bangkok was taking off, I had a sudden and very firm realisation – I need a mentor. I pulled out my notebook and jotted down an intention to meet a mentor as soon as I am ready. But why do I need a mentor at all and, more importantly, why should you?

My Mentors So Far

I have had several mentors in my life. My Lithuanian language teacher inspired my love for words; a famous theatre director mentored me through my teen crises as I recorded them in the format of stage plays; and then, of course, there were a few outstanding lecturers at university and a crazy billionaire businessman, who taught me that creativity and play mattered more than achievement.

All of these people have made a huge difference in my life and growth as a creative human being.

Today, I am living a very creative life bustling with ideas for projects, workshops, lectures, books and websites. I am also growing spiritually, continuing to face my darkness and challenge my beliefs about life.

On that tropical flight it became apparent to me that I – and you too – have great potential. We sometimes work to the point where our potential is unleashed but, deep down, we feel that with a little bit of guidance we could do more or come up with something quite incredible.

Spiritually too, I feel that living in Ubud – probably one of the spirituality capitals in the world – I have made progress. There is nevertheless still something inside me which knows I could benefit from some direction to my evolving spiritual practices.


Where are you at in your life?

Set some time aside and call a board meeting with yourself to assess where you are at in terms of your career and personal development right now.  We can always do this together in Life Coaching sessions, for which you can apply here.

It is important for you to understand how much of your potential you are using right now and consider whether some guidance wouldn’t take you just that little bit further.


Right Timing 

I am a firm believer that a teacher appears when a student is ready. And everything, of course, begins with an intention.

We can’t force it even when we acknowledge our desire to learn.

It is important to understand that what we desire will come to us with divine (and perfectly correct) timing.

Also, our mentors sometimes appear in the form of books, YouTube videos, unexpected conversations with friends or even just unusual and unfamiliar thoughts that we sometimes mysteriously call ‘a voice’.

Download the Creative Life Manifesto – it might just prove to be the mentor you need right now.

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