What Happens When I Do Life Coaching With People? Well, I Kind of Become a Buddhist Monk

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IN A FEW WORDS: I share why I feel as peaceful as a buddhist monk when I do life coaching and what I do in oder to get into that state, which Ken Robbinson calls being in the element.

I always openly share my own struggles of living a creative and authentic life with the reader and help my coaching clients to overcome theirs. Sometimes people ask me how I deal with my own challenges, while also taking on those of other people. I don’t. When I coach, something magical happens and, in today’s post, I will reveal exactly what.

Before taking a Skype call with a client, I pray and meditate in order to get myself in the zone. It is a neutral state of mind, in which I find myself connected to the power higher than myself. My intention is to create a welcoming and authentic presence for the person to open up to and who can understand. I restrain myself from any personal judgment and listen to the person wholeheartedly. The questions I ask or exercises I give do not come from my own limited understanding of the world but rather from a greater source.

I notice that I am rarely as present in life as I am in my coaching sessions. It is what Ken Robinson calls being in the element. It is when you rise above above your daily life and allow something higher – inspiration, love and consciousness – to come through you.

If you want to come to your element, feel free to drop me a line about my coaching sessions.