How to Become More Creative – 5 Inspiring Blog Posts

become more creativeWhen giving my first talk on creativity, a yogi from Italy asked me: ‘But how do I become more creative? How do I do it – practically?’

It dawned on me that I often talk about ideas relating to creativity and I think that their application does not require much explaining.

From now on, however, I will certainly try to write more practical posts on cultivating creativity, adventure and courage.

For today, I have sourced the five posts from the Let’s Sandbox archive, which I think can best help you to become more creative.

1. Make Your Own Creative Timeline

This is one of the best exercises on Let’s Sandbox that can help you immediately shift the perception of your creativity. Don’t delay. Try it now.

2. Read These 10 Books 

Here I provide a list of ten mind-blowing books that can give your creativity a great boost. Pick the ones that catch your eye and get reading!

3. 10 Ways to Live an Inspired Life (Part 1)

Just a bunch of timeless advice on bringing more passion and creativity into your life.

4. Getting to Know Your Inner Child and Yourself – 7 Step Exercise

Connect to the part of you that got neglected when you were growing up. Education is good but it often eradicates what you already knew; your inner child is full of instinctive knowledge, creativity and play.

5. Creativity Exercises by Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is a Bible for anyone who seeks to become creative. I selected some fabulous exercises from the book and explained them here. Give them a go.

And remember, creativity is a muscle that you can train (for more, read my Creative Life Manifesto) – the more you work it out, the more defined it becomes.