Let’s Sandbox Update: What’s Going On and Where

update, letssandboxI am posting less than usual and this is because I am reinventing, revamping and redoing Let’s Sandbox.

The site has been running for around 20 months now and I feel I have come to the point where I have to recreate it and make it more exciting for both myself and the reader.

Apart from changes in Let’s Sandbox’s design, I am also reviewing the content and deciding on its direction.

Freeing Up

Creativity has been one of the central themes on Let’s Sandbox; I am realising that in order to help people become more creative, I should also talk about how to become freer and more courageous. I am hoping to come up with many more how to posts.

29 Posts

To fill the blog with more practical content, I am also thinking of a 29 Posts Section. Short posts would revolve around a particular topic and offer practical advice – you would be able to read them all at once or one at a time. Categorising archive posts in the 29 Posts series would also be an option.

Bali Posts

While I am still here in Bali, I think I should write much more about this gorgeous and mind-blowingly inspiring place. I often call it an alternative universe because of its surreal and very different vibe from anywhere else in the world. I’m also talking to a few photographers right now, asking them to let me feature some of their Bali photos.


The thought of starting a video blog just won’t go away. I already have a list of topics I’d like to cover in my videos. However, I am trying to work out the how. If I were to start a vblog, I would like to ensure it had great video and audio quality, which would require good equipment. I am currently trying to figure out if I could rent it here in Bali.


I am planning to go through my own Bali photo archive and pair the best images up with appropriate quotes from Let’s Sandbox.

Also, getting a camera and going around the island to shoot some quirky and edgy characters – natural sandboxers and adventurers – has long been a creative desire of mine.

Writing Unplugged

I am also starting a writing group here in Ubud – and it’s not for Nabokovs or Shakespeares! My goal is to devise a number of exercises that could help people deal with life’s challenges, boost their creativity, become better at what they do and fire them up for life. It’s about using writing as a tool. You can read more about Writing Unplugged on the event’s page on Facebook.  I am sure that Writing Unplugged will soon manifest in its online form too.

So stay tuned – some exciting stuff is coming up!