Writing Unplugged – Writing Group at My House In Bali

writing unplugged

Alongside revamping Let’s Sandbox and my teaching business, I have decided to start a writing group here in Bali.

Its goal will be to use writing as a tool to help people better understand themselves, generate their authentic power, become more creative and heal.

I thought I’d share my new project with you too because I am sure that it will soon translate into an online format too.

So, here is some more information about my new project – Writing Unplugged:

Writing isn’t only for Nabokovs or Shakespeares.                                                     Writing isn’t only for the selected few.
Writing is for you. Only you.
Writing can be your therapist, your confidant, your best friend, your coach, your guide and even your genie in a lamp.
Once a week, I invite you to my modest house in the rice fields (near the Yellow Flow Cafe, Penestanan, Ubud) to unplug your writing.

Each guided writing sessiwriting groupon will last approx. 90 min. and be packed full of dynamic writing exercises that will help you:
– Deal with the challenges you’re facing in your life;
– Boost your creativity;
– Connect to your authentic voice;
– Find answers to the most troubling questions;
– Deal with traumatic memories;
– Improve your emotional health;
– Become happier, more inspired and fired up for life.

I devise each session based on my experience as a theatre director (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, MA) and writer (University of East Anglia, BA), and working as a scriptwriter in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Lithuania and the Philippines.

You can join the Writing Unplugged group here on Facebook or, if you want to take part in a session via Skype (this would count as a Life Coaching Session), drop me a line: info@letssandbox.com


  1. Alvince Patanduk

    Really want to join the class. Writing Unplugged!!!

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