10 Things Not To Question In Life

questioning, man, umbrella‘My world, which once seemed so broad and full of possibilities, began to shrink as my need for security grew’.

Paulo Coelho, Adultery

Don’t question your life.

Don’t question your job.

Don’t question your relationships.

Don’t question the fact that you are bored most of the time and dread every Monday.

Don’t question why you smile ingenuinely.

Don’t question why your last fancy dinner felt as if it lasted for centuries.

Don’t question why you always talk about the same things with your friends or colleagues.

Don’t question what your purpose or passion might be on this planet.

Don’t question what you could change.

And most importantly, don’t start contemplating what happens after, you know, when we come to an end.

Questioning is dangerous for your health.

If you manage not to question long enough, you might just get away without changing much in your life.