A Traveller Who’s Taken a Few Days Out and Is Getting Back on the Road

writing unplugged

The Let’s Sandbox proofreader no longer receives three emails a week from me.

I’m not writing more than one post a week.

It’s pretty quiet in the sandbox.

Creativity cartridge depleted?

Not quite.

Instead, the team of two designers and a programmer is constantly getting messages from me.

Most of my friends have reviewed and voted on different versions of Let’s Sandbox designs and have given their feedback on practically every aspect of the site.

Also, I’m putting Let’s Sandbox into practice at my weekly Writing Unplugged sessions, which, later this year, I hope will turn into an online platform for writing.

The break from active blogging has given me room to get a better perspective on my writings and to generate tonnes of ideas for new content.

I feel energised and recharged – just like a world traveller who’s taken a few days rest by the beach and is ready to get back on the road again.

A few more weeks, Sandboxers, and we will resume sandboxing.

P.S. Let’s Sandbox is going to look absolutely beautiful – I’m so happy to be working with these two crazily talented graphic designers!