Dare to Really Live – Your Way – Let’s Sandbox Relaunched!

darius lukas, letssandbox, bali, creativityThe very first Let’s Sandbox nip and tuck has taken several months. Many mornings at my window in Bali, gulping coffee and working out the direction of this platform. Many emails back and forth between the graphic designers and myself. Many questions and often fewer answers than desired.

No word, however, has been written without my occasionally glancing at geese marching in rows around flooded rice paddies, getting lost in the Banyan tree tops or climbing the relief of volcanoes some 20 miles away. No decision has been made without my first reestablishing the connection with the authentic and real me, the creator and the quietude of this island. 

A real tropical sandbox.

Having spent almost a year here, I’ve learnt that the Let’s Sandbox way of living isn’t just about being creative or mindful. It’s about freedom and having the courage to live your way. It’s about cultivating a non-conformist attitude and the conviction to live fully and thrive, even when all you want to do is stay in bed sobbing and eating cake (that does happen in Bali too!).   

Let’s Sandbox isn’t here to teach you something you do not know – you already know everything you need to – but rather to reflect your potential back to you.

I am resuming regular writing for Let’s Sandbox and will ensure that every post is an invitation to (re)define what living a good life means to you.

I will continue sharing my stories, which I feel may fire you up to take action, twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays.

I will still be meeting people, who are true adventurers and sandboxers, and will share their thoughts with you here.

So, buckle up and let’s continue our adventure!