5 Ways to Drink Coffee According to Kevin (1 Min. Long Story)


Kevin is a 29-year-old man living in Paris. This is when and how he usually has his coffee: 

1. In the morning, right after sex with his partner of five months, Cecile, who is a true Parisienne and keeps insisting that Kevin improves his French. Americans like the French language but they are not usually very good at it and Kevin is no exception. He explains that to Cecile over a French press while Cecile smokes.

2. A shot of espresso. First thing at work. Then the editorial meeting – always a test for Kevin: will he pull it off as an international correspondent or will he be sent back home to the States right after his probation period? He wants to stay in Paris. With Cecile.

3. During an interview. Most of them are dull. Especially with the politicians. He thinks, at times, that it would be more interesting interviewing a local farmer in his native South Dakota. And they wouldn’t insist on his speaking French or mock his accent.

4. Late at night when he is finishing an article – and then it’s a cappuccino.

5. When he returns home, tired and fantasising about a nightly ritual with his lover, and finds her note on the fridge, saying that she has left to visit her mother in South of France. Indefinitely. And she didn’t even bother to write in English.