Turn Your TV Off & Follow the Instructions – A Never-Heard-Of 5 Minute Imagination Exercise

gadget, keyboard, surf boardSit in front of your TV, your computer, your tablet or your phone.

Don’t turn it on.

Call upon your imagination instead.

Yes, you should still have it – numbed by thousands of TV programmes, strict daily routines, news and gossip consumption, the occasional drink and, of course, your lost childhood memories.

Plunge into a fantasy world (not a sexual one – for now).

Choose one of fairies, ancient kings, prophets, ponies, dragons, magic potions and…

Naff? Set your judgments aside. Just for a minute. 

Just like when you were a child and envisaged stories play out right in front of your eyes – even though there was no one and nothing in the room.

Tell a fairy tale. See it. Feel it. 

Ask your adult ego – it’s stupid, why would I do that, why should I be so childlike?  – to step aside. Analyse later – if you must. 

For now, you are here, in your living room, alone with magical creatures appearing and disappearing, a prince looking for a princess (or a prince – if your fairy tale is modern).

Your sense of reality slowly wears off. 

And you are right there in the fairy tale. 

Everything and anything is possible. 

You can conjure up the most unexpected happenings, make material objects come alive and see colours that don’t exist.

All of this without imbibing any substances. 

If you were able to do it as child, why shouldn’t it be possible now? 

When you come to the end of your no-watching-TV session, return to your living room. 

Do you notice any change?

Most likely:

  • the child in you will have come alive;
  • the adventurous side of your brain will have switched on;
  • the control mechanisms of being a serious adult will have begun to deteriorate. 

Do this for 5 minutes every day for 10 days.