Why Do People Come to Discover Bali?

ubud, discover bali, ubud market Bali is full of quirky, exciting and blissful individuals (who flock here from the West).

Bali is also full of weird, incomprehensible, freaky and rather odd individuals (who flock here from the West too).

What the aforementioned groups have in common is that they are both on a… well, I won’t say journey, as that word is sickeningly overused. Everywhere. Even in fashion. It’s Anna Wintour’s most hated word – just FYI. So, let’s just stick to the word search. Search for a better and more fulfilling life. 

You don’t discover a more fulfilling life in Bali, not necessarily. 

What does happen in Bali though is that you take time off to think about what a fulfilling life would actually mean to you.

For some, this reflection under a palm tree is so awe-inspiring that they stay on in Bali and create a life here – far from the restrictions, systems and impositions of the Western world. 

Some figure out what they’ll have to do or change once they return. 

And the assumption that most of these people, who come to figure out the meaning of existence in Bali, are wealthy or privileged isn’t quite correct.

Most of them are just wealthy in their knowing that they have and should claim the privilege to really think about how they live and whether they need to change anything. 

And Bali provides a perfect, ravishingly beautiful and mysterious set for such discovery.