Types of People Who Inspire and Move Me

darius lukas, inspiring people, handsome man, bali I am inspired by those who walk this earth to the sound of their own drum;

dreamers who dare to write their own manifestos;

men and women who are insane enough to believe that this world is their playground;

hard-working entrepreneurs who go against industrial society’s status quo;

repressed ones who speak up and speak out;

nomads travelling the world on a shoe-string budget;

crazy nutters who think that love can change the world;

sexy men and women who celebrate their sexuality and are not ashamed of their bodies;

spontaneous improvisers of life whose realities, have no boundaries;

those who, on their way to work, write poetry and novels;

people who have lost their loved ones and chose, instead of becoming bitter, to rise strong;

lovers who, despite being hurt or betrayed, dare to love again;

artists who have sacrificed everything for their art;

people who utterly refuse to be defined by their age, sexuality, religion or nationality;

rebels across history who pulled out roses instead of guns;

all creators who, on a daily basis, choose creation instead of destruction;

people who dare to dance as if nobody were watching.

Thank you for shaking up this planet.


  1. Darius, I love this post. Can I add – I’m inspired by people who act and live their lives from a place of love not fear.

    1. Lovely Clare – absolutely, it’s an awesome addition! 🙂

  2. Darek, thanks! Its so pleasant to read this. You have put tens of fairy tales into 3 minutes of reading retaining the full depth.
    Have fun mr. Sandboxer.

    1. Thanks Filip. I appreciate it – Darius 🙂

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