What Is Your Adult World Like?

swings, young manRecently a very dear friend complained that ‘such is the adult world’. She meant, of course, a 50-hour work week, tiredness, lack of joy and play.  ‘Well, I quite like my version of the adult world,’ I told her. In fact, it is much better than my childhood or teenage world ever was.

With each and every year, I am becoming more conscious of how I shape and create my own world – and that the only person responsible for what happens to me is me. I have a toolbox of skills and experiences. I know how to make a buck when I need to. I know how to behave on a date and remain confident. I choose to do work that I love and surround myself with people that inspire me and have the guts to cut off those that zap my energy.

What is your version of  the adult world? Are you buying into the collective perception of how boring, difficult and uncreative it is to be a grown up? Or do you have the courage to reject the popular notions of adulthood – however old you are – and make up your own mind about what your adult world should be like?

After all, who says that you have to act like an adult – being child-like (not childish) is much more rewarding.


  1. Darek i totally agree with you. sometimes its easy to blame the adult world but its about the responsibility and opening up to all the adult tools. its better than any computer game.
    thanks for bringing in another inspiring topic.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment once again. And by the way, it’s Darius 🙂

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