Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work & What Does

beach, chess, sea, bergman, bali The first week of 2016 is coming to an end. You can probably still hear your colleagues in the office (not that I have an office or colleagues myself – I’m just making an assumption) making their New Year’s resolutions: I’ll lose weight, I’ll quit my job, I’ll take up knitting again, I’ll relocate to the tropics, I’ll write a book, I’ll finally sort out my diet – the list goes on.

Give it another week- or at the very best until February – and these heart-felt manifestos of change will have been forgotten. And that’s not because everybody is secretly following through with their resolutions. 95% of those who were sharing their goals at the water dispenser in the office will have already failed and given up. But hey, no need to worry, 2017 will be the year – only 340 days to go…

Such an impressive rate of failure isn’t because these folks have no will-power (although, of course, this might be the case at times), but simply because New Year’s resolutions don’t work. You have to make them actionable, otherwise it’s like deciding to run a marathon and having no plan of how, when and with whom you’ll train, what your diet will be, and how you’ll measure your progress along the way.  Without a clear plan of execution, goals are merely wishes.

[ctt title=”Without a clear plan of execution, goals are merely wishes.” tweet=”Without a clear plan of execution, goals are merely wishes.” coverup=”c2O7v”]

This is why, over the past three years, I’ve been developing and using a particular format to plan my year ahead – and I have had a few thousand people join me on this mission. I have come up with a step-by-step process to turn New Year’s resolutions into clear, measurable goals, while simultaneously reviewing the year just gone by, leaving little room for failure.

And this time round, I have taken it one step further and launched the totally free 2016 Planning Workshop, which includes an audio workshop and worksheet. You still have some time to get on track with your year! I would also be tremendously grateful if you could spread the word by tweeting the below:

[ctt title=”Download free 2016 Planning Workshop here: http://letssandbox.com/ and make New Year’s resolutions actually happen.” tweet=”Download free 2016 Planning Workshop here: http://ctt.ec/5Y9zG+ and make New Year’s resolutions actually happen.” coverup=”5Y9zG”]