Bali-exit, Sandbox-exit and My New Big Project

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I have a confession to make: I thought Let’s Sandbox was over. 

I was almost convinced it had expired. Over the past six months, I have been focusing on a number of projects and was thinking how to officially announce the end of it and the start of a new big project I am going to launch soon. 

But I never quite got around to saying goodbye. I never quite managed to have my Sandbox-exit.

What’s up with it? What’s up with me?  What have I been up to?

During those six months of non-sandboxing:

  • I did an intense fitness experiment and studied the human anatomy, practically living on broccoli.
  • I wrote success stories for the Entrepreneurs Institute and futurist and social entrepreneur Roger James Hamilton.
  • I reorganised my teaching business, doubling my income.
  • I coached a bunch of entrepreneurs, helping them transform their businesses and lives through writing.
  • I travelled to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and ended up relocating to Amsterdam for three months.

Yes, I just packed up my bags, gave up my house in Bali, and jumped on the plane. Well, why not – why not try it, why not risk it, why not play it?

And last weekend, as I was walking in the fields of Holland and admiring windmills on the horizon, my partner – who, by the way, was one of the reasons for my speedy relocation to the old continent – said to me:

But aren’t you still sandboxing? Aren’t we sandboxing? Isn’t my coming to Bali for you and you coming to Amsterdam with me what Let’s Sandbox stands for: play, courage and spontaneity of life?  Aren’t you still living out the ideas of Let’s Sandbox? Have they really expired?

In that moment, I learnt  the reason I had not been writing as much on this site was simply because I had been living my life just as I was preaching on Let’s Sandbox. Bali had been my sandbox – eventful, full of adventure and lessons in life. My sandboxing and playing, however, have matured and I have become confident in living this way. It became clear to me:

  • Sandboxing will continue in my personal life – in relationships, decisions and beyond – regardless of how much I write on here.
  • Sandboxing will continue in every business and project I undertake, becoming its foundation.
  • Sandboxing will also become stronger and more buoyant  in my own life if I share it with others , simply because it will pick up momentum, become more prevalent and somehow tangible.


 I have decided to continue Let’s Sandbox, posting here monthly – or more often, if I have a personal life lesson to share.  While my new big project will focus on practical tools to help you create a more fulfilling and meaningful life, Let’s Sandbox will remain the record of my own journey the way that is: hopefully not only inspiring but of value to whoever is reading it.

And just as I didn’t go through with my Sandbox-exit, I don’t think I will ever go through with my Bali-exit either: the island will always reside in me and I will keep returning to it – for shorter or longer periods of time. Forever, I hope.

Meanwhile, you are probably curious to hear what my new big project is, so be the first to find out here!



  1. Hi Darius…

    Your timing is perfect; divine synchronicity at its finest. On second thought, perhaps it is not “your timing” but rather, the natural unfolding of the universal story and our collective and awakening receptiveness to understanding what it has to offer. We open up to possibility – through risk, vulnerability, humility and courage – and everything aligns.

    Interestingly, I was speaking about you a few days ago, and talking about the magic of Let’s Sandbox, as well as the importance of making time to play and explore. When you decide that it is time to close the door on the Let’s Sandbox chapter, so be it, and I will celebrate what it brought to my life and how it will continue to unfold in surprising places. At the same time, I am so happy that you have decided to continue to offer this gift of yours to the world.

    I will continue to play in my many (global) sandboxes – in my work, my relationships, and my play. And, I look forward to watching how everything evolves for you, wherever you may call home…

    With gratitude…


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