Tell People They Matter

bali, palm treeTwo weeks ago I published a post called Bali-exit, Sandbox-exit & My New Big Project.

It was my first post in six months, in which I revealed how I had been thinking of ending the Let’s Sandbox chapter in my life and moving on… But… I had changed my mind.

The response was phenomenal: I heard from people in Papua New Guinea, Africa, Canada, the US and Indonesia. At least 10 people took the time to write and tell me how happy they are that Let’s Sandbox will continue.

We all want to matter and we all want to be heard – whether it is within our family, our group of friends or in the wider sphere – through a blog, a book, a project. Hearing that my words matter to some was the greatest gift I could have received and the confirmation that my decision to continue playing in the sandbox was the right one.

This just reminded me how important it is to acknowledge those around us – whether it is your lover or someone you follow on the internet.

Every single human being – whether they say it or not – seeks to be recognised for who they are. Every single human being wants to have their existence acknowledged and know that they matter. Let’s take the time to tell those we love or admire that they matter.


I know for sure that writing is a tool, which we can use to transform our businesses and lives.

Writing this post helped me: 

  • See how grateful I am for having people tell me that I matter;
  • Get perspective on my decisions (such as to continue writing Let’s Sandbox).
  • Distil my beliefs about what I think is important in life.

You can also use writing as a tool – and no, you don’t have to write a blog. There are many writing exercises and methods I am developing that could help you: set your goals, get clarity, better understand yourself and your business.

I will soon be launching the Darius Lukas Writing Academy, where I will gladly share these with you.  Join me!