Fear of Meaning: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

pop art, meaning, pop cultureOur popular culture is in dire fear of meaning: we sing about drugs, sex and partying, praise cat videos on YouTube and discuss the Kardashians as a bunch of accomplished individuals. This is nothing more than noise.

We consume it. It’s cheap to produce. It’s addictive. Its goal is to distract us from silence because it is only in silence that the real questions of meaning arise: How do I live? Why do I live? Do I matter? What is love? What do I believe?

Our popular culture is in dire negation of meaning. Our voluntarily consumption arises from the fear of the depths within us, the possibility of our limitless potential and knowing that any quest for meaning will require us to take action.

Of course, there is a huge surge of people across the globe pursuing these questions right now, writing books about them and even setting up schools for grown-ups to understand them. I consider myself to be one of these people. But we haven’t reached a critical mass just yet.

The truth is that the system of loans, mortgages and taxes doesn’t require thinking people, it needs loyalists – people who obey, consume and pay without questioning.

Popular culture is the mind-numbing vehicle of the subordination machine.

And yet, regardless of how powerful the whole machinery is, it can never take away your free will (given that you live in a democratic society). Free will gives you the right to choose: to be part of the machinery or not.

And the machinery, with all its propoganda, bills and threats, will do everything it can to keep you in the cycle of fear.

The only thing it asks you is to turn on the Kardashians and watch as many episodes as you can because then you will become sedated and harmless.