Why I Love People

man, love, people I absolutely love people. I love asking real questions and hearing real answers.

It turns me on – emotionally and spiritually.

Some of my favourite questions are: Why do you wake up every morning? Why do you do what you do? Who do you love? What challenges do you face? What matters to you? What’s your belief system – if any? What’s your dream? 

Recently I was at a party in Amsterdam where I didn’t know anybody and I literally spent hours talking to people asking these questions – not forcefully but curiously, with love for their humanity and mine.

We instantly connected on a deeper level: some shared their pain of love, some spoke of their mistakes, some of their dreams to travel.

Everyone was astonishingly beautiful – when people talk about what really matters to them they blossom and become freer.

There’s phenomenal power in judgment-free space and conversation.

There are so many versions of living a life. There are millions of stories. But there’s a common denominator to every life and it comprises three simple questions:

1. Do I matter?

2.Do I love & am I loved?

3. Am I expressing myself and achieving my full potential?

No one has it figured out, no one has it easy, no one knows – but every single person is doing his or her best.

My greatest goal  is to hear as many stories and help others and myself answer the questions of meaning,  each time getting at least one step closer to the essence of being human.