A Wolf, a Man and his Fear (A Parable)

wolf-mountain-parableWhat hides behind fear is a mortifying sense of freedom.                  

Unlimited freedom of growth – emotional, spiritual, even physical.

Fear is a signpost to personal evolution.

Fear stands proudly on the hill like a ferocious wolf.  It howls and the sound travels across the midnight valley.

You look up and  think to yourself: As soon as I advance towards it, the wolf is going to throw itself at me and rip me apart. 

Your fear makes your gut turn.

Soon life corners you,  it gets to the point where circumstances align so that there is no way back, no way out, only the way forward and up the hill and towards the wolf,  towards the fear. You know that wherever and whoever you were previously, you can’t stay there any longer. You have to change.

The pain of not facing your fear becomes greater than the pain of having the fear.

You finally start climbing the hill and the wolf spits and growls, ready to attack.

You realise you have nothing to lose because  – if  you have to endure this fear for one more day or even hour –  it will consume you.

So you keep on climbing and your heart is palpitating.  You can barely breathe.

The wolf howls one last time and is now running towards you.

This is it, you think.

You shut your eyes.

The wolf is sprinting at such a speed that even the gods themselves wouldn’t be able to save you.

The wolf is almost breathing in your face. It jumps up and just when the its teeth are about to sink into your throat, you open your eyes. No pain. You see the beast still in the air, evaporating  into the night.

Just like that.  It vanishes.

You realise the wolf of fear was only an apparition.

And, as it is disappearing, you are left standing on the hill – in the beautiful moonlit valley – and suddenly you see further than you ever have before.

The veil of fear has been lifted.

You see life and yourself unobstructed by fear.

You can now go down the hill, return to your tribe and continue your life as normal – only without the howling wolf at your heels.

You have conquered your fear – hence you are powerful.