Play Like A Child Again

Do you remember what you did when you were a child? I do. I danced whenever I wanted. I made animals out of bread and played with them. I spoke to toys, dogs, trees, apples, flowers. I asked questions all the time. I never took ‘just because’ for an answer and I was constantly trying […]

12 Ways to Exercise Your Mind

According to Dorothea Brande, most of our lives are controlled by habit and we perform many tasks, both at home and at work, almost mindlessly. In 1936 the New York based writer published probably one of the first self-help books, ‘Wake up and Live’ (which was later turned into a musical). The book offers 12 […]

Become Remarkable. Act Purple

Seth Godin, the marketing guru and generator of great ideas, says that if you are driving past a field and see a bunch of cows, you aren’t going to stop. No big deal, right? A bunch of cows. You’ve seen thousands of cows before. They are all the same. Now, if you are driving past a […]