What is Holy for You?

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Religion used to be the holding pillar of people’s lives – a set of ideas that transcended day-to-day reality and earthly worries. The space that religion gave people was holy. That’s gone now, for most of us. So, what’s holy for you? Is your career holy? Is your relationship holy? Is your art holy? Is […]

Western Europe vs. Indonesia

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Western Europe is fabulous. It has myriad museums and lots of art, often state funded (!). There are functioning pension and health care systems,  and good education is accessible to many, if not all (depending on which country you’re from). There’s also an almost clinical level of hygiene which everybody adheres to. Everything works here. There’s money. […]

Tell People They Matter

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Two weeks ago I published a post called Bali-exit, Sandbox-exit & My New Big Project. It was my first post in six months, in which I revealed how I had been thinking of ending the Let’s Sandbox chapter in my life and moving on… But… I had changed my mind. The response was phenomenal: I heard from people in Papua New Guinea, […]