A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – 5 Rules for Writing the Script of Your Life

‘Write the best script of your life!’ said my godmother, as she paid the cashier at the Harvard Book Store and handed me ‘A Million Miles in a Thousand Years’ by Donald Miller. ‘Now let’s go for a dinner,’ she added… After writing a successful memoir, Miller was asked to turn it into a film […]

Daily Rituals How Artists Work: Your Thought-Candy

Blogger Mason Currey’s book ‘Daily Rituals: How Artists Work’ has been written¬†about on numerous sites and quoted widely. I, too, couldn’t resist sharing some gems from this amazing work, more a thought-candy than a book. For several years, Currey studied daily routines of the great minds and looked at how their strict or, on the […]

Surfing Uncertainty and Fear

It’s 2 o’clock at night. I’m writing this post and I can’t stop thinking about uncertainty. There has always been¬†a great deal of uncertainty in my life – the latest instalment of ‘A Banker in the Sandbox’, due this Friday, will also be about uncertainty – and here is today’s post on the topic too.