5 Ways to Drink Coffee According to Kevin (1 Min. Long Story)


Kevin is a 29-year-old man living in Paris. This is when and how he usually has his coffee:  1. In the morning, right after sex with his partner of five months, Cecile, who is a true Parisienne and keeps insisting that Kevin improves his French. Americans like the French language but they are not usually very […]

A Traveller Who’s Taken a Few Days Out and Is Getting Back on the Road

writing unplugged

The Let’s Sandbox proofreader no longer receives three emails a week from me. I’m not writing more than one post a week. It’s pretty quiet in the sandbox. Creativity cartridge depleted? Not quite. Instead, the team of two designers and a programmer is constantly getting messages from me. Most of my friends have reviewed and voted on different […]