10 Cities She Visited After Her Life Collapsed – One Woman’s Search for Meaning

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1. London 2008. The City. Trading floor. She kicked off her heels and started hitting a water dispenser. Her team – paralysed – watched her run to the lift. 2. Paris Her mother cooked her chicken soup. She watched TV all day long. For 14 days. 3. Budapest This is where she met her ex-husband. […]

5 Ways to Drink Coffee According to Kevin (1 Min. Long Story)


Kevin is a 29-year-old man living in Paris. This is when and how he usually has his coffee:  1. In the morning, right after sex with his partner of five months, Cecile, who is a true Parisienne and keeps insisting that Kevin improves his French. Americans like the French language but they are not usually very […]

The House of Dancing: a Banker Continues Overcoming His Inner Blocks and Advances Toward Creative Fulfilment

Do you remember Patrick? He is a trader from the City, who, just before his 31st birthday, discovered he had immense creative potential. After all the trials and tribulations of reconciling his newly discovered qualities with his successful banking career (see the previous instalments here), he decides to attend a creativity workshop… Here, Annabelle, the […]

A Banker in the Sandbox: ‘Creativity Is More Stressful Than Trading’

A Banker in the Sandbox is a story about a man who discovers his creative potential. This is the 5th instalment. You can read other instalments here.  The creativity workshop was held at a lecture room at one of the renowned London drama schools. The cab driver told me he would often take acclaimed theatre artists to give […]