Why Did I Run Away From A Glamorous Job in NYC? – Turn Setbacks Into Success Story

IN A FEW WORDS:  I ran away from a promising job and turned my feeling of failure into fuel and started Let’s Sandbox (the best decision in my life!). This is my turn setbacks into success story. WHAT HAPPENED? A few years ago I was invited to work with a billionaire entrepreneur. He flew me […]

What’s Next for Let’s Sandbox? From a Photoshoot to a Revolution of Creativity

IN A FEW WORDS: I share with you my plans for Let’s Sandbox.  It’s been a while since I last updated you on where I am at with Let’s Sandbox and its growth. So here we go. Bali Is No Longer a Distraction Relocating to Bali back in August took a lot of energy and focus: […]

Literally Blinded by Beauty, Deaf to Life, Immune to Existence – a Meditative Walk in Ubud

IN A FEW WORDS: What I learnt about fear and the beauty of life on my meditative walk.   This morning I set out on a walk (inspired by Jon Kabat-Zinn’s walking meditation practice) – the walk was part of my week-long inner project Choosing Love Over Fear. I walked: consciously, breathing and aware of […]