Attachments to People Are Like Bindweed – Lessons in Letting Go

IN A FEW WORDS: Learning about the transience of our attachments and learning to let go. There are a lot of people who come and go in Bali. Everyone you meet here leaves the island at some point: in a month’s, 3 months’ or 6 months’ time. You constantly have goodbyes to say. You get close […]

Why Live Passionately in 2015 – Get High on Life – New Year’s Greeting

We fear passion. Passion is uncontrollable. Passion does not go well with systems. In fact, passion destroys them. A lot of people try to sidestep passion, whether it is passion for life, passion for work or passion for a fellow human being. Life lived without passion is bleak. It’s painful. No real humane life is worth […]