Kevin: From a Professional Ballet Dancer to a Yoga Teacher in Bali

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Kevin is 29 and already retired. Well… from his career as a ballet dancer. Having danced on famous stages across the world, Kevin now lives in Bali, teaches yoga, organises retreatsĀ in Fiji, runs social art projects in Africa and mindfully creates his reality. A ravishing, kind-hearted man answers a few of my questions as Egle […]

Stop Trying to Be Normal. I have.

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Stop trying to be normal if you are not. In fact, most people are everything but normal. However, they have downloaded normality guidelines fromĀ the internet, family, colleagues, friends, religion and god knows where, and are trying very hard to tick off the boxes of convention. As with any endeavour taken with passion and dedication, you […]

10 Cities She Visited After Her Life Collapsed – One Woman’s Search for Meaning

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1. London 2008. The City. Trading floor. She kicked off her heels and started hitting a water dispenser. Her team – paralysed – watched her run to the lift. 2. Paris Her mother cooked her chicken soup. She watched TV all day long. For 14 days. 3. Budapest This is where she met her ex-husband. […]