Corporate Job OR Passion Lifestyle?

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This is the question that quite a few people I’ve met recently are mulling over: An airline CEO doesn’t know whether to continue his well-paid career of many years, an advertising pro isn’t sure whether her successful career is making her happy, an investment banker in London is dreaming of a start-up lifestyle and can’t […]

5 Ways to Drink Coffee According to Kevin (1 Min. Long Story)


Kevin is a 29-year-old man living in Paris. This is when and how he usually has his coffee:  1. In the morning, right after sex with his partner of five months, Cecile, who is a true Parisienne and keeps insisting that Kevin improves his French. Americans like the French language but they are not usually very […]

10 Things Not To Question In Life

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‘My world, which once seemed so broad and full of possibilities, began to shrink as my need for security grew’. Paulo Coelho, Adultery Don’t question your life. Don’t question your job. Don’t question your relationships. Don’t question the fact that you are bored most of the time and dread every Monday. Don’t question why you […]