Dare to Be Different – a Lesson from a Revolutionary 17-Year-Old Balinese Boy

IN A FEW WORDS: I met a young Balinese game-changer, who dared to speak his mind and challenge the norm at a rather communist speech competition. Recently, I was asked to judge another children’s English speech contest here in Bali. Most of the participants’ speeches had state-praising, militant and almost communist undertones. Otherwise free and open-minded […]

Creative Life Talk in Thailand – the Benefits of Starting Small

IN A FEW WORDS:  I talk about the importance and benefits of starting small and how not expecting immediate results can help you achieve what you want. You know the feeling when you really want to do something but you just can’t? And the reason why you can’t get around to doing it is because you […]

What Happens When I Do Life Coaching With People? Well, I Kind of Become a Buddhist Monk

IN A FEW WORDS: I share why I feel as peaceful as a buddhist monk when I do life coaching and what I do in oder to get into that state, which Ken Robbinson calls being in the element. I always openly share my own struggles of living a creative and authentic life with the reader and […]