Meet the Founder of the Happy World Company – a Bite-size Interview with Nerea, Fellow Adventurer & Traveller

IN A FEW WORDS: I continue my series of bite-size interviews with fellow adventurers. So far, I have introduced you to two kindred souls I met here in Bali: Tocic & Evelyn. Today – Nerea, a stunning and intelligent Spanish entrepreneur and happiness expert, who worked in the City until deciding to turn her life around and […]

9 Bite-Size Questions to a Fellow Adventurer & Sandboxer: Henry – an Acrobat, Freelance Energy Consultant, Berliner & Dancer

Henry – an acrobat, energy consultant, traveller, father, dancer, yogi and a conscious human being.   I am on a real journey – writing, teaching, learning, healing – and, as I travel, I continue to meet the most radiant human beings.   Usually, they are courageous, adventurous and creative people, who have wholeheartedly refused to live […]